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QAS staff and contacts

  • Executive Director: Bennett King
  • A/Executive Officer: Brienna Harriss

High Performance Team 1

  • High Performance Director: Peter Shaw
    • Senior Performance Scientist: Dr Megan Shephard (on leave)
    • Performance Scientist: Mark Andrews - Scientific and Technical Support
    • Performance Scientist: Josh Carius - IT and Performance Analysis
    • Performance Scientist: Shaun D’Auria - Physiology
    • Performance Scientist: Clare Meulenbroek - Biomechanics (on leave)
    • Performance Scientist: Chris McCosker - Biomechanics
    • Performance Scientist: Georgia Giblin - Biomechanics
    • Performance Scientist: Simon Pearson - Biomechanics
    • Performance Scientist: Lachlan Johnston - Physiology
    • Performance Scientist: Lachlan Mitchell - Physiology
    • Performance Scientist: Kirstin Morris - Physiology
    • Performance Scientist: Dr. Trish King - Physiology
    • Head Coach – Hockey Men: Matthew Wells
    • Head Coach – Hockey Women: Des King
    • Performance Services Coordinator: Kelly Shaw
    • Performance Services Officer: Rylie King
    • Performance Health Advisor: Mary Toomey (on leave)
    • Acting Performance Health Advisor: Kate Watson

High Performance Team 2

  • High Performance Director: Troy Ayres
    • Senior Personal Development Advisor: Liz Hepple
    • Personal Development Advisor: Adam Woolnough
    • Personal Development Advisor: Annette Moore
    • Personal Development Advisor: Toby Jenkins
    • Performance Services Coordinator: Sarah Amorim
    • Performance Services Officer: Rhonda Fedrick
    • Head Coach Rowing:  Tom Westgarth
    • Assistant Coach Rowing: Ben Southwell
    • Head Coach Triathlon: Stephen Moss
    • Assistant Coach Triathlon: Josh White
    • Head Coach Jumps: Gary Bourne
    • High Performance Manager Water Polo: Aleks Osadchuk
    • Head Coach Women’s Water Polo: Arjan Vos
    • Head Coach Men’s Water Polo: Dmitry Gorshkov
    • Senior Physical Performance Coach: Chris Gaviglio
    • Physical Performance Coach: Andrew Lulham
    • Physical Performance Coach: Bec Ryan
    • Physical Performance Coach: Will Brown

High Performance Team 3

  • High Performance Manager: Karen Taylor
    • Performance Knowledge Coordinator: Maleah Harris
    • Performance Knowledge Officer: Matthew Wake
    • Senior Performance Services Coordinator: Lawrie Fabian
    • Performance Services Advisor: Sasha Osadchuk
    • Senior Performance Services Coordinator: Michelle Thomson
    • Performance Services Coordinator: Anne Hickey
    • Performance Services Coordinator: Karen Sumpton
    • Performance Services Officer: Rob Bidstrup
    • Performance Services Officer: Trish Hunnam
    • Performance Services Communication Coordinator: Melissa Lord 
    • Performance Services Advisor: Michelle Herbst
    • Performance Services Advisor: Annette Moore
    • Manager Centre of Excellence: Jeff Greenhill
    • Business Coordinator: Monica Paul (on leave)
    • Acting Business Coordinator: Christine Voge
Last updated
23 November 2016