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Water polo (Men's)

The Queensland Academy of Sport Men's water polo program aims to develop players for international competition across all levels. Scholarship holders are typically members of National squads in either the senior, junior or sub-junior ranks.

The program plays an important role in Australia's success on the world stage. The program works closely with the Emerging Athletes Program (EAP), which is run as an aligned underpinning program to the QAS squad. Although the junior ranks are important to the future of the success, the major focus of the QAS water polo program is to prepare athletes for Australian senior team representation and ultimately for the Olympic Games.

The QAS Water Polo program aims to:

  • challenge the boundaries
  • think outside the box and search for something new and inventive
  • maintain standards
  • be tailored to the player as a whole
  • maintain a policy of youth because without roots we cannot grow.

Throughout the years the program has been involved in pushing the boundaries within the field of science and education. This has culminated in:

  • Masters (soon to be Phd) paper on Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI) in water polo players
  • Masters study of “Differences in upper body strength and power between international and national level water polo players”
  • Shooting analysis templates designed by Chris Mckosker and Dan Chalkley of the Biomechanics and Skills Acquisition department allow us to study the players shooting trends.
  • Players monitoring templates were designed for the program through Dr Trish King to allow us to track athlete’s physical and mental state on a daily basis.
  • Yoga Sport Science study on the effect of Yoga in the athlete’s flexibility and range of motion through the hips by head coach Simon Daley.

The program is always seeking new ways to challenge its athletes and test them in different environments. The players are exposed to new challenges and types of training with the inclusion wrestling, boxing and yoga to the program to give variety and improve areas not traditionally looked at.

For more information contact:

High Performance Manager - Water Polo
Aleks Osadchuk - 

Last updated
30 March 2016