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Dream Twice launched to create flexible career pathways for Queensland’s elite athletes

01 January 2021

The Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) today launched its Dream Twice initiative partnering elite athletes with Queensland businesses to provide flexible,  paid employment opportunities.

Dream Twice is a key platform of the QAS’ Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement Strategy. This strategy is focussed on ensuring we are supporting our state's most promising athletes as both people and performers.

The program aims to place up to 40 QAS supported athletes in a flexible, paid employment opportunity with a partner company within the first year.

QAS Chief Executive Chelsea Warr shared her excitement about the initiative. “With the Athlete Journey at the heart of the QAS 2032 High Performance Strategy, we recognise our responsibility to support all athletes as both people and performers.

It is well evidenced that skills athletes acquire on the sporting field is highly transferable, and desirable, in the business world – skills such as teamwork, attention to detail, resilience and entrepreneurship.

“QAS Dream Twice, in partnership with Queensland businesses, is designed to support athletes dream about what they could achieve in their careers, as well as in sport. It’s about supporting their sporting goals while knowing there is a professional future beyond the field of play,” she said.

Interim QAS Advisory Board Member, and double gold medallist from Australia’s Hockeyroos, Renita Garard AM, also spoke on the initiative’s impact. “We are thrilled to launch the Dream Twice program, as it represents a significant leap in athlete support. By fostering partnerships with the Queensland business community, we are creating flexible career pathways, and paid opportunities, for Queensland’s elite athletes. This initiative underpins our belief in the extraordinary potential of our supported athletes to succeed in all facets of life,” added Garard.

The QAS Dream Twice initiative will provide athletes with employment through leading Queensland businesses, enabling them to develop transferable skills that will be invaluable in their future careers. The program will also offer athletes the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the business world, as well as the chance to network with industry professionals.

To find out more about the program visit here.

Last updated: 21 Nov 2023