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QAS Performance Support team named for Paris 2024 Olympics

24 May 2023

Unlocking Excellence: Four members of the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) Performance Support Team named to support Olympic Dreams at Paris 2024.

The Queensland Academy of Sport’s (QAS) is proud to announce that a select team of highly qualified professionals from the QAS Performance Support team will be joining the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) ranks in Paris 2024 Olympics. This talented group includes Matt Hass, Head of Strength and Conditioning, Dr Sharon Stay, Chief Medical Officer, Dr Sherwin Goh, Sports and Exercise Physician and Brie Salagaras, Dietitian.

Matt Hass is an experienced strength and conditioning coach with a proven track record in developing athletes for elite performance. As Head of Strength and Conditioning at QAS, he has been instrumental in helping athletes reach their full potential. “It’s an incredible honour to be part of the AOC team heading to Paris in 2024," said Mr. Hass. "I'm looking forward to helping our athletes achieve their best on the world stage."

Dr Sharon Stay brings a wealth of experience as Chief Medical Officer for the Performance Support team at QAS. She has worked with numerous high performance sport teams over her extensive career and is committed to ensuring that every athlete is at their peak physical condition while competing in Paris 2024. “I am excited about this opportunity," said Dr Stay. "My goal is to make sure all our athletes are healthy and injury free so they can perform at their highest level."

Dr Sherwin Goh is a Sports & Exercise Physician who works closely with Dr Stay and QAS supported athletes for over a year now and understands how important it is for Olympians and Paralympians to stay in top condition throughout each competition cycle, and his expertise will be invaluable during the Games next year. “I'm honoured to have been selected as part of this special group," said Dr Goh. "It's going to be an amazing journey and I can't wait to see what we can accomplish together."

Brie Salagaras rounds out this impressive team as Dietitian for QAS’s Performance Support team. She specialises in creating individualised nutrition plans tailored specifically for each QAS supported athlete needs in the sports she services, ensuring they have all the necessary fuel they need for optimal performance during competition time. “It's an incredible privilege to join such an esteemed group," said Ms Salagaras. "I look forward to helping our athletes maximise their potential through proper nutrition."

The AOC's selection of these four highly skilled QAS members demonstrates their unwavering commitment to achieving success at the Paris 2024 Olympics. With Matt Hass as Lead Strength and Conditioning, Dr Sharon Stay and Dr Sherwin Goh providing expert medical care for the Australian Olympic Team, and Brie Salagaras serving as Dietitian for Paralympics Australia, there is no doubt that Australia will emerge as one of the most formidable forces on the international stage. We are proud to be represented by this exceptional team and eagerly await their achievements next year.

Last updated: 24 May 2023