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The QAS Athlete Advisory Group

01 January 2021

The Queensland Academy of Sport’s (QAS) Athlete Advisory Group will offer valuable insights, feedback, and recommendations as the QAS gears up for Paris 2024 and beyond.

The Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) in April 2022 announced the launch of its Athlete Advisory Group (AAG). The AAG serves as a link between athletes and the QAS, with members providing recommendations and feedback to the QAS Board and CEO on all athlete matters pertaining to the QAS athletes’ experience in high performance sport.

The AAG is made up of nine current and former QAS supported athletes, who will provide valuable insights and perspectives on the athlete experience. The group will meet quarterly at QAS to confidentially discuss athlete-related matters and provide recommendations to the QAS Board and CEO.

This impressive unit includes Olympians Bronwen Knox Chair (Water Polo), Matt Denny (Athletics), Gabi Palm (Water Polo), Claire Colwill (Hockey), Shayna Jack (Swimming), Reef Heazlewood (Surfing), Zac Stubblety-Cook OAM (Swimming) and Breianna Whitehead (Sailing, Kitefoiling) and Paralympian Chris Bond OAM (Wheelchair Rugby).

The members bring a mix of experience and energy with an even representation of gender and some passionate advocates from both para and able-bodied sports.

The athletes' journey is at the core of what we do here at QAS, and this initiative provides a voice for all QAS supported athletes and a pathway to directly impact future decision making.

Last updated: 24 May 2023