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Episode 2 QAS Open Day Annual Awards video transcript

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The second half of the Queensland Academy of Sport Open Day incorporated the presentation of the 2013 Annual Awards hosted by QAS water polo athletes Billy Miller and Rhys Howden.

This year the QAS introduced twelve new awards to acknowledge the male and female athlete of the year from each of our six major programs.

These were:

  1. Male and Female Track and Field Athlete of the Year which went to Matt Denny and Sally Pearson
  2. The Male and Female Hockey Athlete of the Year which went to Mark Knowles and Madonna Blyth
  3. Male and Female Rower of the Year which went to Scott Laidler and Jessica Hall
  4. The Male and Female Swimmer of the Year went to Christian Sprenger and Cate Campbell
  5. The Male and Female Triathlete of the Year went to Matt Brown and Emma Jackson
  6. While the Female Water Polo Athlete of the Year went to Bronwen Knox

Head Coach Simon Daley had the awkward job of presenting his Athlete of the Year their award while on stage, Simon says it best..

QAS Men’s Water Polo Head Coach Simon Daley:

They both put a lot back into the Junior programs and ah, yes the winner is Rhys Howden who wins the award. You know, well done Rhys – I think they are trying to chase me off here – um but I’m pretty proud to see these guys giving something back and out of their comfort zone and speaking here today makes me pretty proud as a coach.
So to both of them, congratulations but to Rhys the honour of representing your country and may it become even bigger and brighter things into the future. Well done.

Tracy Stockwell QAS Board Chair

All in all this squad has had a tremendous year and I’m very proud to announce that the winner of the 2013 QAS Sport Program of the Year is the Women’s Water Polo Program.

Aleks Osadchuk QAS Women’s Water Polo Head Coach:

Well it’s hard to add anything, one of the main things about the success of the program you know it’s all about you guys, you know you guys sitting in the stands, it’s about athletes. You know the success of our program obviously lies in your hands.

So ah, athletes you do the job, but one thing I would actually like to mention about that thing, as Tracy mentioned it’s the entire group who are actually kind of hidden behind the scenes, strength and conditioning, nutrition, all departments, every single person, everyone. I just don’t want to single out one person, it’s the entire group, the entire family which is the QAS that got us this trophy and you know any sport actually it’s an honour and privilege to actually be named Sport Program of the Year.

Bennett King QAS Executive Director:

This awards ceremony is an opportunity to get a reward, we’ve had a number of distinguished coaches throughout this last twelve months.

The winner of this years award for 2013 is Simon Cusack.

Accepting the award for Simon today is Bronte Campbell.

Bronte Campbell:

Simon would be very happy with this.

Billy Miller:

Please now welcome to the stage the Honourable Steve Dickson to present the Peter Lacey Award for Sporting Excellence.

Steve Dickson Queensland Sport Minister:

Gentlemen thank you very very much, it’s an absolute honour and a pleasure to be here this afternoon because I was a pretty average athlete but I’m amongst so many super athletes and really special athletes and potential athletes of the future and I congratulate each and every one of you for the participation that you do put into sport.

I’d like to move on to talk about why I’m up here, announcing the Peter Lacey Award for Excellence in Sport for 2013 – the winner is Mr Mathew Belcher, Sailing. Congratulations Mat.

It should have been weightlifting, here we go.

Mathew Belcher:

I think I’ve got to get back in the gym.

Um yeah obviously it’s a huge privilege to win this award and huge honour. It’s fantastic to be able to win this award. Just a congratulations also to the other nominees it’s fantastic to see QAS athletes doing so well not only on a national stage, but also an international stage. We certainly do things a bit better up north.

To the QAS Sailing Program, it’s an honour to be involved with that program, they’ve got a great coach in John Bertrand and thank you to the guys for coming today and I look forward to seeing where we can take the sport.

Billy Miller:

Well there you have it folks, our 2013 award winners have been announced and some well deserving athletes recognized for their efforts on and off the field.

Rhys Howden:

We hope you’ve enjoyed this afternoon’s proceedings and the entire day as a whole.

Billy Miller:

That concludes the ceremony for the Open Day for 2013 congratulations again to all the winners.


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