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Episode 3 Athlete Career and Education (ACE) Emerging Leaders Program

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Luke Stafford – QAS ACE Advisor

Hi I’m Luke and welcome to QAS Action Episode three, we’re here at Sandstorm for the QAS ACE Emerging Leaders Program for 2013.

So Lawrie can you tell us a bit about the Emerging Leaders Program and what the athletes are going to get out of today.

Lawrie Fabian – ACE Senior Advisor

Luke I think that the athletes will all take individual things out of an Emerging Leaders Program because there are so many different components of the program.

But the overall aim is certainly to develop them and give them an idea about how they can enhance their own professional experiences both as an athlete and as a non-athlete. Because the best athletes are those, we believe, that have other components to their lives and we hope that this is a professional development opportunity for their sport, for them as an athlete, but also that they will take into the rest of their lives.

If you heard Darren Lockyer speak today you would have heard him speak about a lot of those aspects about the other side of his life and I thought as a leader of Australian teams it was an amazing thing to hear him say that so often that he said his leadership and what he takes from his sport has carried over into the rest of his life as a retired athlete.

So really the overall aim is that they will have an understanding of what is leadership and where they fit in the quadrant and how they can improve their own leadership within their – as an individual athlete, or if they’re in a team sport. Hopefully take something away that they will enact in their daily lives.

Luke Stafford – ACE Advisor

So Nat you’ve been with the Emerging Leaders Program now since the start in 2008, you’ve seen it evolve from you know a two month program, to now our one day format and you’re heavily involved in the running of it. Basically coming up with all of the material and presenting to the athletes. How do you feel as an athlete or a former athlete yourself, this can benefit QAS athletes?

Natalie Cook – Emerging Leaders Program Presenter and Olympic Gold medalist

Well the first time I was actually in the program so I loved it, I loved being a part of learning new things for myself and understanding my own personal development and growth.

So I’ve seen the program evolve I’ve seen the athletes commit and really is about finding the next leader in our sport and not only in sport it crosses over into life and the community and the workforce. So, being part of the actual team now that delivers the program is really exciting for me and my partner Sarah (Maxwell), we’ve just come up with the things that have helped us in sport to give the opportunity for the athletes to learn about themselves.

So we find that you can learn more about someone in an hour of play than you can in a lifetime of communication. So we give a lot of play game activities so that people can understand why they might get frustrated, or why they are confident and take it into their sport.

Luke Stafford – ACE Advisor

Excellent, yeah no everyone enjoyed it today, I certainly did. Do you feel like the group that we’ve got are going to be able to lead our country into the future?

Natalie Cook - Emerging Leaders Program Presenter and Olympic Gold medalist

They definitely can lead our country in our sporting future, whether or not they can translate that into their life, that’s part of what Emerging Leaders is about, that cross over in life, and community and how we see them lead across all fields.

So, we’ve definitely got a few there and seeing you playing the Lego game was very exciting too Luke, almost a world record – they got the Oceania record

Luke Stafford – ACE Advisor

Yeah there was a bit of pressure there, yeah we got the Oceania Record.

Footage of Luke and his group playing the Lego Racing Game.

Luke Stafford – ACE Advisor

So Alana after two Olympics and a Commonwealth gold medal you’ve obviously experienced a lot in terms of training and environments and working with a lot of different coaches and people helping you along the way, what would you say the Emerging Leaders Program has given you today and what will you take away?

Alana Boyd – Olympian and Commonwealth Games gold medalist

I think for me it has just reinforced a few things, um you know I’ve worked with you know the likes of someone like Steve Hooker who was our team captain for three years, in the last couple of years he does lead by example and um you know for me today has just reinforced you know that being a good leader um and being inspiring and being confident in yourself does have a flow on affect to the people who are looking up to you.

That confidence and you know that culture breeds success and success, winning, that’s all we want to do in sport. We’re in it to win it, so yeah today has been fantastic and it’s been great to meet some other athletes from other sports as well.

Rheed McCracken – Paralympic gold medalist

That experience from London and world champs, and um taking that to anyone who is um getting started or having trouble with their um work at the moment, I think that’s good.

Luke Stafford – ACE Advisor

Excellent, thanks very much.

Lawrie Fabian – Senior ACE Advisor

So Cate, could you just tell us in a couple of words why you chose to come along to the Leadership program today?

Cate Campbell – 2013 Swimming World Champion

I think as an athlete you’re always wanting to be broadening your horizons and gaining skills that will help you for life after sport because often that’s when the real struggles start.

So, for me it was about improving not only myself as an athlete but for life after being an athlete.

Luke Stafford – ACE Advisor

Team of champions, a champion team, with the Origin squad, how did you go about getting such high level players to come together and play as a team, being all match winning players themselves?

Darren Lockyer – Queensland Rugby League legend

Well I think that’s you know one of the, the essence of what the Queensland players are about, you know they are team players. These guys are talented and great in their own right individually but they understand the value of the team and you know every decision that is made within that Queensland team environment is about what is in the best interest of this team. It’s not about the individual and that’s what makes these guys the champions that they are.

Luke Stafford – ACE Advisor

Thanks Locky.

Lastly, you’re looking very fit, let’s just say hypothetical question, State of Origin series this year, we’re one-all last game at Suncorp you get a phone call, Mal Meninga – ‘Locky we need you’ – what do you say? Are you going to pull an ‘Alfie’?

Darren Lockyer – Queensland Rugby League legend

Nah I wouldn’t be doing an ‘Alfie’. I think I’d be nearly three years out of the game ah, mentally I’m refreshed, I’d be ready to go mentally but physically yeah, I wouldn’t ah, you know I wouldn’t be up to it and it comes back to my point that I made earlier, you know, preparation is key to your performance and with no preparation under my belt I’d be, mate I’d be a big liability so I would say no.

Luke Stafford – ACE Advisor

Rightio, well thanks Locky, thanks for coming out we really appreciate it.

Darren Lockyer – Queensland Rugby League legend

My pleasure.

Luke Stafford – ACE Advisor

So there you have it, that’s our 2013 QAS ACE Emerging Leaders Program. I hope you enjoyed the footage, I know the athletes are going to take a lot away from our presenters, Nat Cook, Sarah Maxwell and Darren Lockyer, hope to see you next year.


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