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Mark Knowles announces retirement from Hockey

23 February 2018

Mark Knowles announces his retirement post GC2018 at the QAS.

Mark Knowles announces his retirement post GC2018 at the QAS.

Rockhampton-born hockey star and long-serving Kookaburras captain, Mark Knowles, has announced he will be retiring following this year’s Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

The announcement comes as the Queenslander feels the time is right for him to call an end to such an illustrious career.

“I’ve thought it over and spoken with my most trusted people and my family and I feel at a really nice stage in my career where I don’t feel I’m in decline or that I’ve stagnated as a player. I really feel at a point where I’m satisfied and I’m looking for something else,” he told Hockey Australia.

As one of the country’s most decorated players, Knowles has won an Olympic gold medal at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, two Olympic bronze medals at the sequential Games, two World Cups, two World League final gold medals, four Champions Trophies and was named the 2014 FIH World Player of the Year and the 2007 FIH Young Player of the Year.

Knowles has also claimed three Commonwealth Games gold medals and hopes to add a fourth to the collection pending his selection on the 2018 Commonwealth Games Australia team.

Looking beyond GC2018, Knowles told Hockey Australia, “I have a fantastic job at the Queensland Academy of Sport which allows me to work with up-and-coming elite athletes in high performances programmes every day of the week.”

“I’ve got my own coaching business with Jamie Dwyer and myself. I’ve got a beautiful family with a wonderful wife who has supported me for so long now with all of our trips away.”

We would like to extend our best wishes to Mark and his family and hope to see him on the field in one final hit-out at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in April.

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23 February 2018