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Personal Development

QAS Emerging Leaders Program participants for 2016

QAS Emerging Leaders Program participants for 2016

The Athlete Career and Education Program (ACE) is a nation-wide program run through the Australian Institute of Sport and state institutes and academies of sport. It provides eligible athletes with career, education and personal development services as well as transitional support when going through personal and sporting changes.  The QAS ACE Program provides services to all of the Academy's scholarship holders and AIS and National Sporting Organisation athletes based in Queensland.

The first of its kind, the ACE Program was implemented in Australia in 1995. It is the leader nationally and internationally in its field and is staffed by a team of fully qualified personnel who are experts in the needs of elite athletes in both amateur and professional sports.

ACE staff complete the Graduate Certificate in Career Counselling for Elite Performance (Sport) which is the only accredited course of its kind.  This, combined with the professional requirements of ACE staff, ensures quality control of program development and service delivery, as well as accountability guidelines of the highest order.

More than 3000 elite athletes access the national career and education network each year.  With the help of our Queensland supporters and up-to-date research the QAS ACE program remains at the cutting edge.

The QAS ACE Program offer a number courses to our athletes to assist them in developing their skills outside of their sporting career.

An integrated approach to sporting excellence

The challenge confronting many athletes is how to maintain a balance between sport and the rest of their lives. The ACE Program aims to support athletes in achieving this balance without compromising sporting goals. Research shows that athletes with a balanced lifestyle are more likely to achieve their sporting goals, cope better with stresses such as injury and retirement and have more confidence in what the future will hold after sport.

The Emerging Leaders Program

Athlete leadership is an integral component to sporting success. The Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) recognises this fact and is embarking on a formal leadership training program. The QAS leadership journey began in 2008 with the introduction of the Emerging Leaders' Program; designed for young athletes with a future in their sport. Visit The Emerging Leaders Program page for more information about this innovative program.

ACE recognises the invaluable assistance provided by our supporters in helping athletes to be the very best.

For further information, please contact:

Adam Woolnough
Senior Advisor Personal Development
Phone: 07 3708 7889

Liz Hepple
Personal Development Advisor
Phone: 07 3708 7888

Rae Dower
Personal Development Advisor
Phone: 07 3708 7853

Mark Knowles
Personal Development Advisor (Mon-Tues and Thurs)
Phone: 07 3708 7818

Annette Moore
Personal Development Advisor (Mon-Tues)
Phone:07 3708 7891

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