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Photo courtesy of Jans Hendricks

Photo courtesy of Jans Hendricks

Queensland Academy of Sport's hockey program provides an elite training environment for Queensland's leading hockey players aged 17 and over.

The objective of the QAS Hockey program is to:

  • Identify talent from the State Program and develop them into National teams and squads.
  • Produce athletes equal to National standards for a smooth transition into the top level.
  • Ensure athletes are equipped with a high level of skill required for the elite level as well as a detailed knowledge of the game.
  • Develop a strong training culture where work ethic, attitude and intensity are at game standard.
  • Provide further assistance to athletes through the Performance Service Units within the QAS to give athletes every opportunity of success on and off the pitch.

Selection criteria for QAS Hockey athletes

National Coaches look for athletes that demonstrate a high level of the fundamental/basic skills required (passing, receiving, carrying position etc) to play the game. With this, must be a correct attitude and high work ethic on and off the pitch to carry the workload required. 

Off the ball, athletes need to acquire a good sense of game knowledge. They must have a good understanding of their roles and responsibilities within certain situations and positions they may be faced with.

For more information contact:

QAS Men’s Hockey Program - Head Coach: Matthew Wells

QAS Women's Hockey Program - Head Coach: Lee Bodimeade

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3 November 2017