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Talent coaching

At the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS), a key pillar of our 2032 High Performance Strategy is about working in partnership with sports to develop exceptional coaches and foster elite sporting talent.

Through our Youfor2032 program, we identify and support athletes who show extraordinary potential to achieve medal success at the Brisbane 2032 Games.  These athletes are typically coming from outside of the traditional sport talent pathways. We also offer sport-specific talent identification opportunities in early specialization sports including diving, skateboarding, and BMX freestyle. Our commitment lies in maximizing the potential of every athlete, whether they qualify for the Youfor2032 program or not.

In 2023, we introduced the Talent Support Plan (TSP) Pilot Program, a special initiative designed to propel athletes already known to sports, who are rapidly progressing medal-winning professional success. The program focuses on the unique journey of each athlete, providing personalised support to help them reach their potential. We aim to place these athletes and their sports on a performance trajectory, envisaging future Olympic and Paralympic medal success.

In collaboration with the Australian Institute of Sport, we have created the Gen2032 Coach Program, which provides aspiring coaches with invaluable support and access to resources. This allows them to develop their skills and make a lasting impact on the future of Australian sports.

Talent Identification and Development

Finding Queensland’s next sporting stars

Queensland has produced more than our fair share of sporting champions. From butterfliers to beach volleyballers to BMXers, our great state is a prolific nursery for sporting superstars.

Everyone’s story is different, but most who have climbed to the upper echelons of sport have had a lot of support, development, and assistance along the way. That’s where we come in. Identifying and nurturing sporting talent at the right time is a huge factor in achieving success. We want to give our talented Queenslanders the opportunity to excel in sports by supporting them with specialised development, training, and coaching programs.

Youfor2032 Talent Identification Program

In partnership with fifteen Olympic and nine Paralympic sports, the Youfor2032 program is Australia's largest athlete talent identification initiative. Spanning across the state, this program aims to unearth athletes with extraordinary elite sporting potential. By providing them with the necessary resources, training, and guidance, the QAS aspires to foster their development and help them reach their full potential.

With a clear goal of achieving medal success at the Brisbane 2032 Games, Youfor2032 has three different talent search initiatives targeted at different groups of potential elite athletes.


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For more details, online applications, and the 2024 talent search schedule, please visit our Youfor2032 website.

Talent Support Plan (TSP) Program

This innovative initiative is specifically designed to support forty aspiring athletes who are demonstrating attributes that are aligned to medal potential for a future Olympic or Paralympic cycle.  Opportunities exist in the following areas:

  • Pre-categorised athletes from sports that are QAS supported.
  • Categorised athletes (EG: Emerging and Developing athletes) in sports where there is no QAS sports program.
  • Talent transfer athletes.

Our TSP program provides selected athletes with targeted resources and opportunities that are aligned with each individual’s athlete plan and development needs.  The objective is to accelerate their development so we can progress them to the QAS sports program or Medal Support Plan program.

By focusing on development and the nurturing of potential, the TSP Program aims to bridge the gap between untapped talent and professional recognition. It empowers athletes to reach their highest potential and represents a significant stride forward in our commitment to fostering elite sporting talent in QLD.

At different times of the year, the QAS invites applications from National and State Sporting Organisations to put forth athlete nominations for the TSP program.  The QAS does not accept nominations directly from athletes.

For more details in relation to this program, please contact Craig Colduck via email

Coach Development

Coaches are a critical enabler of athlete performance and the one role, that rides the highs and lows most closely with the athletes.  The modern high-performance coach is more than just the coach with many now also leading a team of performance support experts and managing a range of stakeholders.  Our coach development approach maximises the learning opportunities that come with supporting 20 different sports and cross sports learning and collaboration.

Gen2032 Coach Program

The QAS in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), proudly delivers the Gen 2032 Coach Program. The program is dedicated to nurturing and developing the next generation of world-class coaches. Through extensive mentorship, specialised training, and financial support, the program provides aspiring coaches with the opportunity to refine their skills and make a significant impact in their respective sports through a two-year full-time role.

This groundbreaking initiative has seen the participation of 23 of Queensland’s future 2032 coaches divided into two cohorts, offering them an exclusive, fast-track coaching development program. Our ultimate objective is to facilitate their transition into full-time coaching roles within high performance system in the lead up to Brisbane 2032.

The graduating coaches as part of Cohort 1 of Gen2032 are:

  • Shannon Parry – Rugby Sevens
  • Jodie Stuhmcke – Water Polo
  • Margo Wilten – Beach Volleyball
  • Annie Eastgate – Sailing
  • Renee McElduff – Aerial Skiing
  • Chelsea Hedges – Surfing
  • Casey Atkins – Swimming
  • Kelly Crew – Football
  • Tom Fraser Holmes – Swimming
  • Gus Radero – Rowing

Our Coach Development Team also supports a much wider range of coaches who work with QAS supported athletes.  We provide tailored development programs and cross-sport learning opportunities that target themes to support the growth and evolution of a contemporary high-performance coach.

For more information on QAS coaching programs, please contact Michelle Hemley via email:

Last updated: 21 Nov 2023