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Cape Bionics becomes the QAS’ Official Compression Supplier to optimise athlete recovery and performance

12 February 2024

The Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) is delighted to unveil an exciting partnership with Cape Bionics, a pioneering leader in compression technology.

This partnership with Cape Bionics highlights both organisations’ commitment to advancing athlete recovery and performance through cutting edge sports science.

Cape compression garments are sized to an individual athlete based on a 3D body scan, meaning each garment is completely custom fitted and unique to each limb. Each Cape garment is a Class 1 medical device. Cape have developed optimum compression regimes for travel, recovery, performance and rehabilitation so each athlete now has access to individually tailored garments that provide genuine and consistent benefits that easily surpass normal compression.

Cape Bionics is recognised for its innovative compression garments, which are worn by elite athletes globally and have even been worn by astronauts on the International Space Station. Cape Bionics will provide athletes with discounted state of the art compression garments. This partnership reflects QAS's dedication to equipping athletes with the best resources available to excel in their respective sports.

CEO of Cape Bionics Dr James Waldie is looking forward to working closely with QAS to enhance the recovery and performance capabilities of Queensland’s elite athletes.

"Our compression technology is designed to empower athletes to train harder, recover faster, and perform at their best. We are proud to offer it to all QAS athletes through this new partnership

This partnership significantly contributes to the recovery and overall well-being of our supported athletes and aligns with our Vision of Inspiring Extraordinary Sporting Success.

Last updated: 09 Feb 2024