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Introducing the New QAS Visual Identity

10 November 2023

A symbol of our ambition, our unwavering support to help athletes achieve their dreams, and our commitment to continuous improvement in the pursuit of excellence.

We are thrilled to unveil the newly revamped visual identity of the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) - a powerful representation of our unwavering commitment to our Vision:  ‘Inspiring Extraordinary Sporting Success’. This revamped identity goes beyond a mere aesthetic change. The new design is a symbolic nod to the QAS's commitment to provide even better support to our States most promising elite athletes. This will never be more important than in the run up to the 2032 Brisbane Games.

At the core of our refresh lies our QAS supported athletes. These inspiring humans were not mere bystanders in the process, but active contributors. They played a vital role in the selection of our new wordmark and ensuring it encapsulated the athlete journey.

As the high-performance sports agency of the Queensland Government, we have an exciting 2032 High Performance strategy to propel us forward to enable more medal winning moments by Queensland Athletes. We feel privileged and honoured to support these athletes chase their sporting dreams – often through triumphs and tribulations. We must learn fast and collaborate to innovate. Our partnership with sports is central to how we operate.  Trust, shared ambitions and aligned goals ensures we can, together, prepare the athletes to be the very best versions of themselves – both as people and performers.

Our network of expert QAS practitioners are embedded into sports, working closely with coaches and athletes in their daily training environments. This is where the hard graft is done – and where the medals are really won! Our transformative journey of the QAS has been made possible thanks to the unwavering support of the Queensland Government. Their dedication to nurturing sporting talent in Queensland is appreciated, no more than by the athletes, parents and the sports.

As they say, you can’t whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it. We invite you to join as the ‘orchestra’ as we embark on our shared journey towards inspiring extraordinary sporting success.

Last updated: 10 Nov 2023