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Olympics Unleashed to inspire more young Queenslanders

01 January 2021

Elite athletes will continue to inspire and motivate thousands more Queensland students with the extension of the Olympics Unleashed program by the Queensland Academy of Sport and the Australian Olympic Committee for another three years.

A three-year extension of the Olympics Unleashed school program has been secured by the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) to inspire more of the State’s students to stay active.

The extended partnership agreement with the Australian Olympic Committee was announced today at the Wellers Hill State School edition of Olympics Unleashed by Sport Minister and Minister Assisting the Premier on Olympics and Paralympics Sport and Engagement, Stirling Hinchliffe.

“The benefits of Olympics Unleashed extend far beyond Queensland’s next generation of medal winners, it’s also powerful way of helping students build goals, resilience and confidence,” Mr Hinchliffe said.

“I can’t think of a better way of celebrating the 1000th Olympics Unleashed than with Queensland Olympic cycling great and newly named Chef de Mission, Anna Meares motivating young Queenslanders.

“Olympics Unleashed was first launched in Queensland schools four years ago by the AOC and the QAS.

“Since then, Olympic athletes have visited and inspired more than 154,000 young Queenslanders in school environments from the Torres Strait to Coolangatta through Olympics Unleashed.

“Now we’re started the green and gold runway to the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Olympics Unleashed is encouraging more young Queenslanders to embrace the Olympic spirit.

“The value of Olympics Unleashed is its ability to inspire primary school students to make healthy choices and be their best in the classroom, playground and in sport.

“It’s terrific to be able to extend Olympics unleashed to reach more schools and more young Queenslanders.”

The QAS is investing $470,000 per year to extend Olympics Unleashed to 2025 with the AOC partnering on funding.

Member for Miller and Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey joined Olympics Unleashed at Wellers Hill State School.

“This is a particularly special event on the Wellers Hill State School calendar as the 1000th school visited by the Olympics Unleashed program,” Mr Bailey said.

“Olympics Unleashed brings two-time Olympic sprint kayaker Alyce Wood to Wellers Hill State School to motivate up to 200 grade 4 to 6 students to follow their dreams.

“Alyce Wood’s core Olympics Unleased message for Wellers Hill students is - if you’re truly you’re passionate about something make sure you ask questions and go the extra mile.

“Each Olympics Unleashed delivers expert guidance every student can use, regardless of their athletic ability, by Olympians who’ve experienced the journey of a life-time.”

Australian Olympic Committee CEO Matt Carroll said today’s funding announcement ensures the spirit of the Olympics will continue to inspire young Queenslanders.

“The AOC is thrilled to extend our strong partnership with the Queensland Government and the QAS to bring the Olympic spirit to young Queenslanders,” Mr Carroll said.

“Olympians have stories that go beyond sport – of how to find a passion, set goals and importantly how to build resilience to allow them to overcome the inevitable challenges they face in their Olympic journey.

“These are key messages that teachers have told us are vital to young people and resonate so strongly when they are delivered face-to-face by Olympians.

“This is an exciting time for the Olympic movement, and we thank the Queensland Government and QAS for the continued support to bring Olympians into classrooms to inspire young Queenslanders to find and pursue their passion.

“As we move down the 10-year green and gold runway to Brisbane 2032, this program will continue to light a spark for students, and I’m sure plenty of those young people who see the power of the Olympic movement face to face will go on to be vital contributors to the success of the Games in ten years-time.”

Queensland Academy of Sport Chief Executive Chelsea Warr encouraged schools to be part of the program.

“Our athletes have inspirational and remarkable stories tell. So, let’s share them with as many young people as possible,” Ms Warr said.

“They’re providing real-world insight into what it takes to achieve your full potential in whatever you put your mind to.”

More than 100 Olympians and those aspiring to make it to Paris 2024, representing 20 sports, have been trained for Olympics Unleashed.

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