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QAS Labs Unlocked: Discovering the science of sporting excellence

22 March 2024

As part of the World Science Festival Brisbane, the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) took the public behind the scenes of its sports science facilities, captivating the minds of kids and adults alike.

Opening its doors to an immersive adventure combining science, technology, and elite sporting excellence. Participants were given a rare glimpse behind the curtains of what it takes to forge world-class athletes, demystifying the intricate dance between sports and science and showcasing cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques to enhance athlete performance.

From hands-on involvement in the QAS Science Lab to observing the high-performance gym, the discussions led by Dr Hedda Giorgi, QAS Sports Scientist, and Dr Megan Shephard, Research Partnerships Manager, were informative, stirring curiosity among participants.

QAS Sports Scientist Dr Hedda Giorgi, said the events not only took the community behind the scenes but also showcase the benefits of a career in sports science "The essence of these events goes beyond just showcasing technology and techniques. It's about igniting a spark of curiosity within each participant. By demystifying the science behind athletic performance, we aim to inspire the next generation to consider sports science and engineering careers."

Megan Shephard, QAS Research Partnerships Manager, echoed this, adding, "Collaborating with the World Science Festival Brisbane has been a fantastic opportunity for QAS to highlight the science involved in preparing elite athletes and the interdisciplinary approach required. The blend of theory and practical, hands-on experience can transform how young people view science, sport, and their potential career paths. It's not just about creating future athletes but nurturing future scientists, health practitioners, engineers, and innovators."

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Last updated: 22 Mar 2024